Jay Papasan Visited NEXUS

Jay Papasan Visited NEXUS

A Family Affair

Larry Papasan has been a NEXUS mentor seven times and has impacted seven proteges in many, different ways. He is the recipient of the Sandy Willson Outstanding NEXUS Mentor award and has been an ongoing advocate and supporter for NEXUS. Several years ago, Larry suggested that the NEXUS class read the book “THE ONE THING”, co-authored by his son Jay Papasan. Last year, the NEXUS Program Committee reviewed the book and added it to the NEXUS curriculum. This year, the Class of 2021 read the book “THE ONE THING” and had the opportunity to hear Jay Papasan share at the March session. It was very evident that Diane and Larry instilled giving back to Jay at a young age. They have both been examples of giving back to the Memphis community through their volunteer efforts.

At the session, Jay spoke about “Focusing as a Leader” and his book. A few highlights from Jay’s presentation include to Define what success looks like for you. Most people don’t know what they are wanting to be successful in. Focus on your energy first. Line up your priorities. Most people try to skip steps. You are cheating yourself with lessons, mastery, and momentum. THINK Big – THINK Specific. Know your purpose. That tells you your priorities then you can be successful and productive.

Two questions that he asked mentors and protégé to think about it “What’s the one thing you can do today? And “Are you doing your best? Or is that the best that can be done?”

NEXUS is very thankful Larry suggested that NEXUS focus on “THE ONLY THING.”

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