Building Leaders With Reggie Davis

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Posted May 23, 2017


“Good leaders build strong followers, great leaders build more leaders.”  Reggie Davis

NEXUS continues to build strong leaders that are having an impact in our city and the next generation.

This May, the NEXUS Class of 2017 graduated; NEXUS has now trained over 800 principle-centered leaders looking to lead Memphis to a better place.  The speaker at the closing session was Reggie Davis, Executive Director at Streets Ministries and he spoke on the topic of “Building as a Leader”.  Reggie shared five points that build a leader:
Make Investments.  Invest your time in others and be a hard worker.  Use your privilege to benefit others.
Do What is Right Even When Right is Hard To Do
Learn as Leaders to Own your Outcomes
Understandment over Judgment. Choices people make aren’t simple.  Understand before Judging.
Love! It’s simple, love your people.

To listen to the session audio CLICK HERE.

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