Building with Mauricio Calvo

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Posted February 8, 2018

Mauricio Calvo, Director of Latino Memphis spoke to the NEXUS Class of 2018 in February on the topic of “Building as a Leader”. He shared 12 things he believes it takes to build a leader:
1. show up
2. know yourself and your strengths
3. learn the art of negotiation and compromise
4. have a vision
5. learn respect for leadership and the difference between leadership and authority
6. have empathy
7. be a life-long learner
8. take risks
9. communicate and learn how to tell your story
10. build relationships and have face-time with people
11. learn to collaborate
12. take care of yourself physically and emotionally

In addition to hearing a great speaker the class participants participated in a team building exercise led by NEXUS Mentor Ed Garrison, Director of Leadership Development at International Paper.

To hear the audio from Mauricio Calvo’s presentation CLICK HEREBUILDING as a Leader by Mauricio Calvo. BUILDING as a Leader by Mauricio Calvo

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