A Conversation About Race and Leading Through Change

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Posted February 8, 2018

“Crossover and intentionally get to know other people.” -Jose Velazquez
“I don’t look at diversity and inclusion as a thing but what I do.” -Terri Freeman

At the November session we had a conversation about “Leading Through Change-Diversity and Inclusion in Memphis”. Terri Lee Freeman, President, National Civil Rights Museum; Jose Velazquez, Co-Founder & Managing Member at The James Lee House, LLC; and Lynne Walker, EVP, Director of Affinity Strategy, First Tennessee Bank are experts within this area and shared from their personal experiences. They shared from their past experiences. A few challenging words included: be intentional; engage with the people sitting next to you at work, etc., get out of your comfort zone, and we must all do our part.
It was agreed that Memphis, as a city, is doing a good job within this area but there is opportunity to do better. Members of the panel believe the next generation is going to teach us how to do diversity and inclusion better!
To listen to the NEXUS November session CLICK HEREA Conversation About Race and Leading Through Change.

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