Live In The Day-NEXUS Lunch Series with Rex Jones

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Posted November 28, 2018

NEXUS Night Out on October 18 1“Foundations are the quiet driver that is making a difference to make our city better.” -Rex Jones

NEXUS recently hosted one of our Lunch Series events. NEXUS Alumnus Rex Jones, President of the Christian Community Foundation was the speaker. The event offered the opportunity for members of the NEXUS Network to connect with current participants and alumni and be inspired by a leader like Rex.

Rex shared information about the Christian Community Foundation in Memphis and their mission and how their donors are impacting our city. A common thread among the Christian Community Foundation donor is that they know the condition of their hearts and want to make a difference by investing in someone’s life.

Rex also share personal experiences and lessons that he has learned that have shaped him into the leader he is today. One piece of encouraging wisdom he shared, “Whatever you are doing in life; find the best tools to do it and be as productive as possible.” He also reminded guests to live in the day that you are in.

Special thanks to The Marston Group, PLC for presenting the NEXUS Lunch Series.

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