Year Ending Giving with NEXUS

December 31, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Please know that when donating to NEXUS, you are not only supporting NEXUS but also our city. To receive tax-credit this year, please make your donation by December 31. Thank you for your continued support and involvement.
JOIN the NEXUS Network and HELP move our city forward:
• Make an annual donation to the HERE
• Join the NEXUSNINTEY Campaign HERE, a monthly donation of $10 per month
• Send a donation to NEXUS, 4055 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111

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"NEXUS has been an awesome experience for me due to the fact that I was perfectly matched with my mentor. It is evident that the matching process was intentional because of how much I've been able to learn from and relate to my mentor. This has been true for m...
Kierra Warren, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018 -
“Given family, running my own business, and having several volunteer focuses, I was not looking for opportunities of involvement. After being asked to be a NEXUS mentor I weighed the ramifications and felt like it was a worthwhile investment. Venturing into ...
Joey Bland, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2018 -
“The NEXUS program has helped me by exposing me to new leaders in the Memphis community, business world, and in my generation. The lessons that I've learned over the past nine months I'll carry with me for the rest of my life and I couldn't be more grateful ...
Kanesha Hines, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018 -
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