NEXUS Reading List

NEXUS Past Readings & Resources
updated summer of 2017
Title: Author(s):
You Are the Message Ailes, Roger
How Great Leaders Get Great Results Baldoni, John
Asking to Win Booklet Biehl, Bobb
The Effective Board Member Biehl, Bobb
Dream Energy Biehl, Bobb
Masterplanning Biehl, Bobb
Mentoring Biehl, Bobb
30 Days to Confident Leadership Biehl, Bobb
Team Profile Workbook Biehl, Bobb
The On My Own Handbook Biehl, Bobb
Why You Do What You Do Biehl, Bobb
Balanced Life and Leadership Birla, Madan
The One Minute Entrepreneur Blanchard, Ken & Hutson, Don
Now, Discover Your Strengths Buckingham, Marcus & Clifton, Donald
Go Put Your Strengths to Work Buckingham, Marcus & Clifton, Donald
The 1 Hour Plan for Growth Calhoun, Joe
Good to Great Collins, Jim
Good to Great in the Social Sectors Collins, Jim
Great By Choice Collins, Jim & Hansen, Morton
Listen Up Leader! Cottrell, David
Everyday Greatness Covey, Stephen & Reader’s Digest
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Covey, Stephen
The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness Covey, Stephen
Principle-Centered Leadership Covey, S.R
The Mentor Leader Dungy, Tony
ShortTrack CEO Edmundson, Ken & Sagar, Jim & Setchell, Nick
The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make Finzel, Kans
True North George, Bill
Outliers Gladwell, Malcolm
Tipping Point Gladwell, Malcolm
Same Kind of Different As Me Hall, Ron & Moore, Denver
Winning Teams, Winning Cultures Hart, Sean
Leadership without Easy Answers Heifetz, Ronald A.
As Iron Sharpens Iron Hendricks, Howard & Hendricks, Williams
The Servant Hunter, James
Selling Value Hutson, Don
The One Minute Mentor Hutson, Don
Living Forward Hyatt, Michael
The Elements of Mentoring Johnson, Brad W. & Ridley, Charles, R.
How Good People Make Tough Choices Kidder, Rushworth
Rich Dad, Poor Dad Kiyosaki, Robert T. with Lechter, Sharon L.
The Leadership Factor Kotter, J.P.
Leading Change Kotter, John P.
Imagine-How Creativity Works Lehrer, John
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Lencioni, Patrick
The Power of Full Engagement Loehr, Jim & Schwartz, Tony
A Resilient Life MacDonald, Gordon
QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability in Work and in Life Miller, John
Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior Marcinko. R
The Rogue Warrior’s Strategy for Success Marcinko. R
Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer
Morrell, Margot, Capparell, Stephanie & Shackleton, Alexandra
Mentoring 101 Maxwell, John
Taking People With You Novak, David
The Pursuit of WOW!, Peters, T.
Lincoln or Leadership Phillips, D. T.
Strengths Based Leadership Rath, Tom & Barry Conchie
StrengthsFinders 2.0 Rath, Tom
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Ries, Al
Horse Sense: How to Pull Ahead on the Business Track Ries, Al & Trout, J.
Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun Roberts, W.
The Good Mentor Rowley, James B.
Driven to Deliver-Nine Life Principles Smith, Harry
Leadership above the Line Sumner, Sharon
Never Order BBQ in Maine Tanner, Ken
This I Believe Terkel, Studs, Allison, Jay & Gediman, Dan

13 Behaviors of a High Trust Leader Summary, Covey
The Cutts Group: Lead From the Front, Leading Through Change
Fast Company Magazine, March 2006 10th Anniversary Issue
Security: Power to the People
Forbes: How to Prevent Poor Ethical Decision Making
Harvard Business Review: A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making
Harvard Business Review: A New Approach to Funding Social Enterprises
Harvard Business Review: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life
Harvard Business Review: Becoming the Boss
Harvard Business Review: Building Your Company’s Vision
Harvard Business Review: A Culture of Candor
Harvard Business Review: How Will You Measure Your Life?
Harvard Business Review: Instead of Making Resolutions, Dream
Harvard Business Review: Leading Change, Why Transformation Efforts Fail
Harvard Business Review: Managers and Leaders, Are They Different?
Harvard Business Review: Regret and Disappointment-Their Ethical Role
Harvard Business Review: Seven Transformations of Leadership
Harvard Business Review: Success that Lasts
Harvard Business Review: The Focused Leader
Harvard Business Review Blog Network: The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time
Harvard Business Review Blog Network: Train Your Brian To Focus
Harvard Business Review: Where Will We Find Tomorrow’s Leaders
Harvard Business Review: Why Good Managers Make Bad Ethical Choices
Harvard Business Review: Why Leaders Lose Their Way
Harvard Business Review: Why Transformation Efforts Fail
Harvard Business Review: Why Mentoring Matters in a Hypercompetitive World?
Harvard Business School: HBS Faculty on 2010’s Biggest Business Developments
Memphis Magazine, April 2008
“Martin Luther King: The Man, The Mountaintop”
Psychology Today: Wired for Success-How to fulfill your Potential
Eye to Eye-How to Manage Generational Difference in the Workplace
U.S. World & New Report: The Matter with Mainstream

“The Surprising Trust About What Motivates Us” by Daniel Pink, YouTube
“How to Live Before You Die”, by Steve Jobs, TED Talk
“How to Speak so That People Will Want Listen”, by Julian Treasure, TED Talk
“How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, by Stewart Sinek
“The Dilemma of Discovery” Crosstown, TED Talk


"NEXUS has been an awesome experience for me due to the fact that I was perfectly matched with my mentor. It is evident that the matching process was intentional because of how much I've been able to learn from and relate to my mentor. This has been true for m...
Kierra Warren, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018 -
“Given family, running my own business, and having several volunteer focuses, I was not looking for opportunities of involvement. After being asked to be a NEXUS mentor I weighed the ramifications and felt like it was a worthwhile investment. Venturing into ...
Joey Bland, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2018 -
“The NEXUS program has helped me by exposing me to new leaders in the Memphis community, business world, and in my generation. The lessons that I've learned over the past nine months I'll carry with me for the rest of my life and I couldn't be more grateful ...
Kanesha Hines, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018 -
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