“The connections I have made through NEXUS are truly invaluable to me as a young professional. Not only did the mentor relationship prove to be extremely beneficial both personally and professionally, but moving through the program with like-minded proteges has allowed me to build an incredible network that will be a great support to my career moving forward!”
Jeremy Andrews, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018, Strategic Partnership Officer, BRIDGES

Jeremy Andrews, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018 -

A few highlights of my time in NEXUS. The Speakers are world class, community outreach is very effective, and the mentor/mentee relationships are well matched. My experience has led me to believe the real value in NEXUS is found in the community that you are instantly grafted into the moment I joined the program. There is something very special about being elbow to elbow with a diverse group of professionals that are passionate about investing in Memphis and committed to selflessly giving their time, talents, and resources toward the betterment of our city! NEXUS pushes you to have a battleship mentality about improving ALL of Memphis.  Completing NEXUS has made me an alum, believing in NEXUS has made me an ambassador.

Patrick Bingham, NEXUS Protégé, Affliate Broker for Crestcore Realty

Patrick Bingham, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2017 -

I’m elated to have been a part of the NEXUS experience. I’ve been paired with someone who has helped me grow professionally and personally. It’s a mentor relationship that will go far beyond the program, and I am very blessed to have that. 

Deidra Brooks, NEXUS Protégé, Chief of Staff, The Memphis Lift


Deidra Brooks, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2017 -

The NEXUS experience has enriched my view of Memphis and I have gained a clearer vision of the opportunities in this great city.  After hearing one of the monthly speakers, I took inventory of the plans I have for my life and how they will affect a small piece of this awesome city. By far the most impactful part of this program is meeting and connecting with my protégé.

Sharon Bailey, NEXUS Mentor, Manager, Application & Development, ServiceMaster

Sharon Bailey, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2017 -

“Being a part of NEXUS is something I will never forget. The current leaders of Memphis have a unique desire to see the future leaders developed and nurtured. NEXUS is the catalyst that makes that happen. I was paired with an incredible mentor who had the desire to see me grow both personally and professionally. He spent a great deal of time just talking, advising and connecting me with other business leaders in the city. He is someone I am honored to now call a friend. Over all, the relationships I have built in NEXUS will last far longer than the year long program.”

Caleb Park, NEXUS Protégé, Account Manager, NexTech Solutions

Caleb Park, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2017 -

My NEXUS experience has been priceless with one of if not the best NEXUS Mentor. The NEXUS Leadership team knows what it takes to build the next generation of leaders in Memphis. Through my relationship with my NEXUS mentor, in addition to our monthly speaker series, I have gained invaluable experience, blessed to receive awards and new job opportunities. NEXUS has truly been a blessing to my life and I will continue to be an advocate for the NEXUS Leadership Program to other young professionals.

Alton Cryer, NEXUS Protégé, Co-Founder & Vice President, STS Enterprise

Alton Cryer, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2017 -

“I appreciate the ability to meet many different people with diverse backgrounds who all share a common goal of continuing to make Memphis the best city it can be. My protégé was such a great young man with a heart to learn and improve himself. The passion that he and the NEXUS program have for our city have been an inspiration to me and it fills me with excitement for the future.”

Joe Williams, NEXUS Mentor, President, Agape North

Joe Williams, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2017 -

“I am appreciative to the complete NEXUS experience especially the pairing of my mentor. She has graciously taken me by the hand and guided me through personal and professional situations. Our relationship will go beyond the NEXUS year.”

Whitney Clifton, NEXUS Protégé, Client Services Advisor, Metropolitan Bank

Whitney Clifton, Protégé, Class of 2017 -

“I came to NEXUS needing guidance during a transitional time at my company.  My NEXUS mentor had me question everything I do.  After just a few months I was already in the midst of a clear plan through the transition.  I one day hope to be this type of mentor to someone else.”

Matt Cates, NEXUS Protégé & Sales Manager, Dennis Cates Advertising & Gifts


Matt Cates, Protégé, Class of 2017 -

“I didn’t exactly know what to expect from the NEXUS experience, but having been through it, It has been an experience of a lifetime. The speakers were fantastic, but more importantly, it was an honor to get to speak into the life of a younger person going through the journey of balancing work, marriage, and all that life throws at you. It’s a great way to give back to the next generation of leaders here in Memphis.”

Rex Jones, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2017, President, Hope Christian Community Foundation


Rex Jones, Mentor, Class of 2017 -
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