Approximately four to five hours each month from August to May.

That monthly commitment includes:

  • An interactive teaching session with dinner provided from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., one Thursday night a month from September – May.
  • A one-on-one informal meeting, usually over coffee or a meal, arranged at the convenience of both the mentor and protégé. The purpose of this time is to pursue leadership mentoring goals agreed upon by the two.
  • Assigned reading that includes leadership books, various timely articles, YouTube videos, etc.
  • To participate in one of the three Service Projects agreed and organized by the current class.
  • An annual Opening retreat a Saturday in August, 8:30am-4:30pm that kicks-off the NEXUS and the NEXUS IN MOTION event usually held on a Saturday morning in the winter.

  • Mentors are recruited each spring by invitation.
  • The NEXUS Board approves a list of mentors. The committee compiles the list from its knowledge of area leaders and from recommendations made by current NEXUS mentors and protégés as well as alumni.
  • The selection criterion, set by the NEXUS Board, includes that potential mentors be proven leaders within their professional and community careers that NEXUS would like to see “duplicated” within the next generation for the betterment of our community.

NEXUS proteges are recruited by members of the NEXUS Network including NEXUS Alumni, current NEXUS participants NEXUS partners, and NEXUS Board members nominate. NEXUS also partners and recruits through other professional and leadership organizations within Memphis.

There is a NEXUS Matching Committee that reviews the detailed mentor and protege applications in search for their “ideal mentor” and “ideal protégé”. They also use personal insight and relationships, to pair mentors and protégés together in complementary relationships. Over the first few months of the program we ask those paired mentors and protégés to let us know how the relationship is working and if the match is not complementary of one another we then find recruit other mentors and protégés.

“NEXUS really challenges you to think strategically about what you’d like to accomplish in your personal life and career. Having a mentor’s counsel along that journey is invaluable.”

  • The program tuition is $500 for both mentors and protégés and covers the costs of the Opening retreat, curriculum materials, monthly dinner sessions, and special events. Corporate sponsors, private donations and grants subsidize NEXUS’ expenses so that the program may be offered at a reasonable cost to individual participants.
  • All participants, both mentors and protégés, must pay tuition.
  • Area companies and organizations offer tuition reimbursement for their employees and members.
  • Tuition scholarships are available to both mentors and protégés made possible by the Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation.

  • Tuition in full or a confirmed payment plan is due in August before the fall term begins.
  • Tuition scholarships are available for both mentors and protégés through the Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation.
  • Although scholarships are available, every participant is required to make at least a $100 personal or corporate financial commitment. Prior experience proves that participants’ sense of investment, ownership and accountability are essential to the program’s success. NEXUS does not disqualify participants for financial reasons.
  • A committee reviews scholarship and grant requests.

Contacting us is easy. Contact us through the website or email heather@nexusleaders.org.


  • Kem Wilson, Jr. Principal, Kemmons Wilson Companies, NEXUS Mentor & NEXUS Board Member

  • ALANA HU PERKOVIĆ, Regional PR Business Partner, First Horizon Bank, NEXUS Alumni & NEXUS Board Member

  • Levernese Mell, Supply Chain Manager, International Paper, NEXUS Alumni & NEXUS Program Committee Volunteer

  • Lauren Brown, Sr. Liaison, Direct Marketing-Mass Marketing, ALSAC, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2021

  • Steve French, Retired, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2021

  • Ally Velderman, Director of Camps and Programs, Service Over Self, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2021

  • Mario Cole, Assistant Project Manager, Nickson General Contractors, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2021

  • Hanna Oysel, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2020, Adams Keegan, Inc., Client Service Manager

  • Warren Ramson, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2020, Absolute Storage Management, Inc., Property Account

  • Caroline Keubler, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2020, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, Director of Development